What does an orgasm feels like to me..

There I was laying on that bed.. head facing the sky ready to burst… Oh, Lord. How good those juices felt dripping, perhaps virgin in character but old in wisdom Oh NO! I'm going crazy, I'm not making sense, FUCK! I can't hold it any longer; I'm ready to bust, I'm about to explode right in h…. If I blow…h…will sure, fly off… This will be a heavy load… AH!


How to explain what an orgasm feels like….having an orgasm is the closest you'll ever be to heaven…to GOD. No drug. No medicine.. can compare to the feeling of orgasming / ejaculating … of letting go… free of everything… no thoughts..nothing. Really, for like three milliseconds time stops, and you feel like you're one with the universe, you feel helpless but at the same in control… Imagine a Coke bottle being shaken.. bottled up.. ready to burst.. very foggy and BOOM! It explodes like a fucking rocket launcher headed to the moon and GOD DAMN, that bitch goes back to earth, oh land, complete body numbness, very intense. Then your mind becomes clear again. The bottom of your feet unstiffens. You're in peace, you're in the present moment.

Share in the comment section what does an orgasming feels like to you?

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