Book Review Autobiography of a face

Many of us are dissatisfied when we look ourselves in the mirror, but this is nothing compared to how Lucy Greatly saw herself. I had the chance to finish reading Autobiography of a face I really have to share my thoughts on it, a heartbreaking story I highly encourage you to read the book. Greatly, at an early age discovered she had jaw cancer, she had to undergo many surgeries to get rid of cancer and hopefully restore her face. In her Autobiography of a face, she shares much of her inner struggles as to how society’s gender identifications affected her. autobiography of a face

I personally think the best way to hurt a men’s ego is to insult his “masculinity” when we think of masculinity we think of traditional qualities associated with being a “man” such as great posture, loud, strong and other inner personal qualities. Women, on the other hand, are labeled feminine primarily by their outside appearances, demeanors, and behavior. Lucy Greatly, experienced a lot of gender discrimination based on the way she looked “Sometimes, from a distance, men would see a thin blonde and whistle, something I dreaded more than anything else because I knew that as they got closer, their tune, so to speak, would inevitably change; they would stare openly or, worse, turn away quickly in shame or repulsion” Page 84. I think Lucy Greatly experienced this discrimination based on the fact woman are supposed to be feminine and beautiful and her face according to society standards was considered repulsive.  “Only two or three times have I ever been teased by a single person, and I can think of only one time when I was ever teased by a woman. Had I been a man, would I have had to walk down the street while a group of young women followed and denigrated my sexual worth? Not surprisingly, then, I viewed sex as my”

I would continue writing but this story has broken my heart, I just found out the author later committed suicide at the age of 39. So tired of the bullshit judgments we place on each other, this story didn't have to end this way.

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