How becoming a book reviewer led to a job as an editor by Amber Krogh.

This is Amber's Story

In 2013, I was fired from my job at PetSmart. A job that I had been at for ten years and although I could have easily gone out and got a new job doing the same thing, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do a job that didn’t require me to lift heavy objects, to work weird hours, or to deal with customers. I briefly thought about being an animal control officer, but I couldn’t handle the thought of having to put down perfectly healthy animals.  

While trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I found that I had to get creative to feed my book reading addiction. I have an enormous paperback and hardback collection (over a thousand and still growing), and I had gotten a Kindle Fire for my birthday but had rarely used it. I preferred having a real book in my hands at the time. But without having a job, I no longer had money to buy paperback books, so I began to use my kindle more and more. I discovered the world of free books from Amazon and their Kindle Unlimited program. My sister was kind enough to get me a subscription, and I entered the world of borrowing books.  

With nothing else to do, I started reading and signing up for the author’s newsletter at the end of the books. You know the ones where you sign up, and they give you another free book as a thank you for signing up. I had picked up a free book by Abraham Steele that introduced me to the world of gay paranormal romance and the world of alphas and omegas. I found that I really enjoyed reading her books. In her newsletter, she had a sign-up link to become part of her ARC team. To be part of her team all I had to do was read and post a review on Amazon and send her the link to my review, which I did. I then got an invitation to join her secret ARC group. The group itself was on Facebook and at that time, I didn’t have an account. So I made an account, and Abraham Steele became the first author that I started reviewing for. I found this to be a win/win situation for me. I got my books for free, and all I had to do was write about what I liked or didn’t like about the book. Still trying to feed my book addiction and make money to pay for them, I started entering any contest that involved an Amazon gift card. I actually won some of them, but I also ended up getting signed up for a lot of newsletters as part of the contest rules, and a lot of the author’s newsletters had sign ups to be part of their ARC teams. I was in heaven.   

Now, you have to understand that when you are reading an advanced reader copy (ARC) that a lot of the time they have not been edited yet, so you are reading a copy that has a lot of errors in it. At first, I just ignored all of the errors assuming that somebody else, maybe another reviewer, would be letting the author know about the errors. I didn’t count the errors against the author when leaving my reviews because, after going to us to read it, it would usually then go to an editor to be professionally edited. I had been reviewing for about three months and had reviewed 120 books at that point. I decided that for my 2016 New Year’s resolution I would start reporting the errors that I saw in the books to the authors myself.  I was done assuming that somebody else was pointing out and letting the writers know about them. I would go ahead and start doing it myself. I didn’t expect anything to come out of my doing this. I just wanted to help out the authors in case they didn’t have an editor. Just another way for me to say thank you for giving me a free book to read.  

I had just started reviewing for Noah Harris at about this time and had just gotten Omega Claws in to read and review. I loved the book and gave it a 5-star review, but I also stuck to my new year's resolution and sent with my review link a page of edits that I had found, how the errors could be fixed, and how the sentences should be re-written. We ended up having a conversation, and I found out that Noah was in between editors. Noah was impressed with my attention to detail and ended up offering me a job editing his books. I was absolutely thrilled and accepted the job. Who wouldn’t be thrilled? Somebody was finally going to pay me for doing something that I loved to do. I was upfront about the fact that I didn’t have any formal training in being an editor and that I am dyslexic, and he still agreed to hire me. I have been his editor since December of 2015. I still continue to read and review for other authors, and I am up to about 40 authors. I am still sticking to my new year's resolution, I have also converted another author that I was reviewing for, and I now get paid to proofread for her instead.  

I love my job and getting to read all day long is a dream come true for me. So my advice to you is if you want to be a reviewer and have a favorite author that you want to review for send them an email and ask if they have an ARC team and if you could be a part of it. Most authors do, and they are always looking for more people to read and review their books. If you would like to read some of my reviews, you can find them on my review page at 

editorHi Everybody, I’m Amber Krogh, and this is my profile.  Here is a little information about myself. I grew up in Escondido, California but I currently live with my sister in Warner Springs, California. I have an older brother and a younger sister. My hobbies include reading, playing computer games, going to the movies, riding horses, competing at our local gymkhana club, and playing in a pool league with my brother and sister-in-law. I recently got a new job editing books for Noah Harris, and I'm having a blast. I
started reviewing books in September 2015 and have now reviewed over 350 books. I will read almost
anything, but I have to say that right now my favorite categories are M/M both paranormal and contemporary.

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 Thanks for taking a look at my page. I hope you enjoy the reviews. 

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