Blink Fitness Beats the Pants Off of Planet Fitness

There’s something to be said about a business that takes great pleasure in being “people-oriented” instead of profit-motivated.  Things like this matter from the movie theaters I decide to patronize all the way down to the gym I go to.  If you know me well, you know I’m a gym junkie.  I quit Planet Fitness after hearing two women working out on the treadmills across from me talking about a great new place that just opened on Route 22 East…Blink-something…not too far from me. They said the staff was wonderful and they gave out free body wash in the locker room.  Well, needless to say, I had to check this out, if not for the convenience, at least for the free body wash!  Heaven knows there’s not a darn thing that’s free at Planet Fitness.

So, I went and Googled the Blink-something in my area and a place called Blink Fitness popped up.  It was right there on Route 22 East, just like the lady said.  It was just minutes from my house. I decided that it was time for a change from Planet Fitness anyway.  I joined Planet Fitness because of the amenities, like massages and work out gear.  Although they have this moto of being a “judgement-free” zone, what good is judgement-free if no one gives a crap unless your forking over your hard-earned cash?  It seems like all of these businesses spare a penance of providing the customer a discount, so long as the money keeps flowing in their direction.  I decided after joining Blink Fitness that I would never go back to a place like Planet Fitness again.

Blink Fitness is not like your average gym. For instance, as soon as you walk in the doors, the charm and the ambiance hit you like a ton of bricks.  It’s the euphoric feeling one gets when they finally reach the light after a long journey of ups and downs, or in this case, an undisciplined journey of working out really hard and 5 to 7-day Twinkie binges! The bright lights and vibrant colors blew me away and I was greeted by the most genuinely friendly person I’d ever encountered in a gym.  The staff seemed down-to-earth with the customers and they didn’t deal with me in a friendly tone just because they were getting paid to. These people really relate, well, with the public.  They even clean the locker rooms without the assistance of a “cleaning staff,” so to speak, so the locker rooms and equipment are always neat and tidy.  I bet the company saves a load by multitasking its staff. I guess that would leave more money to provide for and maintain well-stocked equipment.

The price is about the same for Blink, too.  But, I have more mobility and I don’t have to be a slave to the gym in order to get my money’s worth.  Besides, I like going to Blink Fitness. I believe I’ve truly found my “happy place.”

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