Demon Heat

Demon Heat
He shivered with delight as he felt Tyrone plant a kiss right above his ass crack, and then run the tip of his tongue all the way up his spine to the nape of his neck. That had the effect of easing Richard’s muscles, and his hole opened up like a blooming flower. Tyrone slid inside with ease, and soon was making powerful thrusts inside him. As he did so, he massaged Richard’s back, sending pleasure through his young body.
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About the Book

It’s summer in the city.

July 1977: New York is sweltering under a record-breaking heat wave. Tensions run high, crime is rampant, and the city seems to be falling apart.

For new arrival Richard Miller, it is both heaven and hell. He has a loving boyfriend, a budding career as a nude model, and a comfortable place in the city’s vibrant gay community. But he knows it is all being threatened by sinister forces that he has not been able to defeat. The cult that tried to seduce him into the occult world is still after him, and Richard’s visions of the seductive demons that want to possess his body become stronger by the day. They threaten to destroy his relationship, his health, and his sanity.

Will Richard give in and become a slave to his temptations, or can he resist the powers of darkness threatening not only himself but his entire community? Find out in this steamy gay paranormal romance. Can you handle the heat?

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Genre: GAY MM
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