Island Pleasures

Island Pleasures

Barry moaned as he felt his lover begin to kiss and suck at his ankles, pulling away and going back in a little higher each time, until he had licked his way up to his waist.

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About the Book

Waking up alone after a crash on a deserted island, Barry Hodgeson hopes for a speedy rescue. He’d give anything to return to the safety of his conventional life. He spends the first moments of his isolation longing for the comforts of his one-bedroom apartment in Florida and the love of his severe, but well-meaning parents. Instead, life has other, much more seductive plans for the young Coast Guard pilot.

As the weeks pass, Barry realizes he isn’t alone in this remote paradise. A mysterious stranger has been seeing to his most basic survival needs. Are his host’s attentions well-intentioned or does the alluring Xanathen see Barry as an unwelcome intruder?

In this erotic gay romance, human desires are boiled down to their most primal and transformation is inescapable. A haunting tale of finding passion in unexpected places; not only does this novel deliver hot sex scenes, but when everything else is stripped away it appears that love becomes the only rule between two strangers stranded in paradise.

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