Lust in the Caribbean

Lust in the Caribbean

“If those are my only two options, I choose to go with you.

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On a ship traversing the dangerous seas in 1710, surrendering to the swashbuckling pirates of The Manhunter will yield the most pleasurable of outcomes.

Thomas Treadwell takes to the high seas as a sailor on a merchant ship as he searches for freedom, a difficult thing to find for a man such as himself in the 18th century. While he must hide his most essential self in the daylight, his forbidden desires are allowed brief tastes of secret passion under the cover of night and with faceless partners. It’s not the freedom he’d hoped to one day find, but it was better than most realities for a catamite. Caught in the taboo act aboard the VIrtue, a pious ship captained by the sanctimonious Captain Temperance Stone, Thomas faces death for his crime of finding pleasure with a fellow sailor.

But his fate changes in an instant when the Virtue is caught and boarded by the notorious Manhunter, a pirate ship purportedly manned by men just like him, men who desire men. The ship of criminal misfits offers him safe harbor as a guest, and what was always forbidden is accepted and celebrated. Celebrated heartily and with many of his newfound sailing companions. But when he stumbles upon their mysterious secret, passions and suspicions are aroused. Thomas must decide whether to join their ranks for good, making him a criminal in his own eyes.

Lust in the Caribbean delivers sexy scenes and high adventure, transporting readers back to a far away place and time. Dive deep and experience the journey right alongside Thomas, as he discovers the meaning of acceptance, loyalty and the rule of love over law.

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Genre: GAY MM
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