MM: Sailing Deep

Dylan frowned, “Who are you?” He demanded in a whisper.

“I’ll tell you later. For now, kiss me.” He hadn’t thought that Blake could get any closer. He was wrong. Blake’s body seemed to melt against his, relaxing so that every curve, every ...
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He hadn’t thought that Blake could get any closer. He was wrong. Blake’s body seemed to melt against his, relaxing so that every curve, every line, every inch, was pressed together. He could feel it through the layers of clothing. When Blake kissed him this time, it was strangely slow. He captured Dylan’s lips and held them with a firm tenderness that made Dylan’s head spin. It had been so long since he had kissed anyone. It had been so long since he had been this close to anyone. He had forgotten what it felt like.

Dylan’s mission: assist his Navy SEAL team as they infiltrate enemy territory and gather Intel on the new shifter pack called the Shadow Pack through distant observation.

Blake’s mission: infiltrate and live within the Shadow Pack and gather any useful information and data from the inside as one of them.

One is a SEAL, and the other is a spy. Their missions were never supposed to cross, yet one fateful accident during a full moon intertwines their fates. Dylan finds himself in the middle of the Shadow Pack and under the charade that he’s Blake’s mate. They must learn to live and work together, or risk exposing both of their covers, and Dylan’s team. Blake is charming, flirty, cocky, and irritating; yet Dylan finds himself strangely drawn to the man. Blake’s strength of will and patience are put to the test, but Blake is patient, and he’s not willing to give up so easily.


Noah has done it again! It's a brand new twist on the Alpha and Omega romance! I'm sorry but I kinda get bored with the same thing over and over. But this is great! Dylan isn't the weak omega searching for his mate. No he joined the Navy Seals, pumping up his muscles and training to go on missions. He's a ruff and ready omega. What's so exciting is the twists and turns in theirs book. Dylan is "captured" by the people he was sent to observe. After a full moon he wakes up naked and surrounded by shifters he doesn't know. He's quick on his reason for being there in the first place, but when they take him to there compound he's put into a nicely decorated cell. If it wasn't for Blake, coming to the rescue there's no telling what would happen. I don't want to ruin the rest of this story. It's too wonderful! You'll laugh and worry. It's steamy and romantic.. this story pulls you in and you just can't put it down!!! You did it again Noah!! Absolutely love it!
This is probably Noah’s best so far, I really could not put it down and I would give it more than 5 stars if I could..... read it in one sitting – only wish it had been twice as long. A shifter Seal team, a VERY mixed shifter pack (The Shadow Pack) and two very ‘HOT’ undercover men, Dylan, a Navy Seal Omega, and Blake, a computer geek Alpha. Forget the stereotypes it’s almost like Noah has thrown away the rule book! A potentially dysfunctional set up - but it really works! Dylan and Blake are both equally lovable characters that I bonded with immediately and I found myself rooting for them all the way. Dylan accidently finds himself in the middle of Blake’s intelligence mission as Blake’s ‘fake mate’. Despite everything he finds himself warming to Blake who, despite a massive error of judgement which could have ruined everything (my heart was in my mouth – what did Blake think he was doing?), is determined to win Dylan over while bringing him into the Shadow Pack and his undercover mission. Despite everything I wanted Dylan to forgive Blake his error and when he did I had a lump in my throat. These two work together so well it felt as though I was living the story with them. The writing flows superbly and the story starts off really sharp then drags you in at a slow boil that quickly builds to a tense finale. Noah fools us with a few surprises on the way..... We slowly find out why Blake wants Dylan so badly but then about three quarters of the way through when you think you’ve guessed the history between them suddenly it’s revealed you didn’t know at all - it takes Dylan a lot longer to catch up. I simply loved the way Blake told Dylan the truth, it left me all warm and fuzzy. The Shadow Pack does not turn out to be what it at first appears and neither does its alpha! The Navy Seal is a bit of a softie and the geek is a bit of a James Bond complete with all the gadgets! Very little turns out as expected which makes it a fabulous read and keeps you on your toes throughout. I could not find fault with this book, the writing, the story, the twists, the characters, the romance, the sex, it’s all just about perfect. I have to go and read it again now in case I missed something...
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MM: Sailing Deep
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Genre: GAY MM
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9781530773336
List Price: 9.99