Ride Em Hard (MMM Copper Hill Book 1)

Ride Em Hard (MMM Copper Hill Book 1)

Jack leaned over as he cut the engine and its cacophony short. He kissed Calvin. “Look, we’ve had this conversation a million times. I have no regrets. None.

Fleeing a humdrum and unhappy life on the East Coast, secret lovers Calvin and Jack take the plunge and move west to the Texas Hill Country. Waiting for them are jobs on one of the most prestigious ranches in the country, Copper Hill. Fresh out of college, they’re excited. Things are, at least for a moment, perfect.

Arriving in Texas, the two of them begin a new life, working their tails off and doing their best to impress their boss, the reclusive and enigmatic Kurt Van Der Akker. Having caught his eye with their work ethic, Jack and Calvin are soon pulled closer to the inner circle at Copper Hill. Things move quickly, and in no time at all, strange beasts howling in the night and an unexplainable attraction to the boss have Calvin and Jack’s heads spinning.

With a potential nervous breakdown the source of their troubles, Jack and Calvin are in danger of falling apart, even with the mysterious Kurt Van Der Akker presiding over them. Confronting one another, and then the boss man, Jack, and Calvin are soon pulled into a romantic, sexual, thrilling adventure where the truth, paranormal or not, waits for them.

DISCLAIMER: This is an M/M book approx 60k words, intended for a MATURE audience, there will be a lot of steamy scenes.
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About the Book

Ride Em Hard is the first installment of the MMM Copper Hill Series.

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Genre: GAY MM
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