The Secrets Within

The Secrets Within

When they reached his car, Jared gave Nick a long, deep kiss and he felt like he never wanted to leave. Nick grabbed the back of Jared’s head and began kissing harder...

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About the Book

Beginning the year as a college Freshman, Nick was still adjusting to the fact he was a shapeshifter. Dealing with starting college, living away from home, and the side effects of his new powers, life was challenging enough. The one bright spot was meeting Jared, a dance major and creative partner to Nick’s good friend, Abby.

What starts out as a seemingly normal year, and the possibility of love quickly turns to danger as Nick discovers a war between a renegade sect of humans and shapeshifters. To make things worse, his parents lied to him about his powers and have been giving him medication to diminish them. Once Nick’s powers start to truly emerge, he must work with a pack of shifters he has just met to try to master them, but he wonders what other agenda they have. Soon, instead of focusing on college and falling for Jared, Nick must decide who he can trust- the new pack trying to recruit him, his parents, his new boyfriend, or himself? All have secrets, which may not only doom Nick’s relationship but endanger all of their lives.

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Genre: GAY MM
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