Wolf Rising

Wolf Rising

Tristan fought against him just as vigorously, Dyne feeling the edge of the man's teeth on his bottom lip as he pulled away. Dyne responded by hefting the man up, using the tree as a support to hold him up. Tristan's mild gasp of surprise deepened into a moan as Dyne returned the favor, sinking his teeth into the muscles of the man's shoulders. Tristan's hands scrambled over his broad shoulders, trying to find some sort of purchase to hold tight to, shoving his hips against Dyne's body.

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About the Book

Dyne Andreas is a city wolf who has everything going for him: money, power, a rising career. Now, he's faced with the biggest promotion of his life, but there’s a cost. Dyne has never mastered changing his form. To get everything he has worked for, he must overcome this obstacle, or face losing it all.

Dyne thought being thrown into the middle of nowhere, forced to camp on the hard ground, in a strange place, with nowhere to go would be bad enough. Throw in rumors of people hunting down his kind, and having to suffer with the most frustrating person alive to serve as his only companion and teacher, and Dyne might have found his own personal hell.

If he can get through this trial without killing his teacher, or being killed by one of these crazed hunters, his lifelong ambition will be realized. That is if the time spent alone in the woods doesn't alter the course of his life completely in the process.

Disclaimer: Wolf Rising is a sweet romantic novella packed of lovely man on male action. Very steamy M/M eBook for a mature audience ONLY. Has a happy ending and does not end on a cliffhanger.

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Genre: GAY MM
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