Capital One 360: The Freelancer’s Friend

I am a freelance writer who is constantly on-the-go in this huge city called “The Big Apple.” I live an exciting life and I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometimes, I’m so busy and into different projects that I usually don’t have time to run the necessary errands. Heaven knows, I need to hire a maid to come in and clean my entire apartment at least 2 times a week. But, because of my tight budget, I just have to clean really good when I get the opportunity…that’s usually in between hectic projects. The same issues arise when I need to swing by the grocery store or the corner laundry. Thank my lucky stars for my Capital One 360 online banking accounts because at least I know one thing I’ll never have to do is stand in that long, boring line at the bank. Unlike other banks, Capital One is strictly an online bank.
With my Capital One 360 accounts, I can conveniently bank online whenever and wherever I need to. As a busy, internet-based freelancer, I often get paid electronically. With my Capital One account, I am able to deposit my checks electronically, as well as make deposits and conduct transactions at over 40,000 fee-free ATM’s nationwide. I am even able to have more than one account, which is great since I want to keep my personal accounts separate from my business ones. As crazy as my freelance life is, the convenience of Capital One helps add order to my hectic schedule.
Speaking of free, I even get a free Master Card debit card that I can use with all of my accounts. I get free checks, too. Not to mention a killer interest rate of 40%. That’s better than most regular banks and I get to get all my little dollars and cents working for me every time I make a deposit. Capital One also has an online investment arm, as well, that I can dump funds into at any given time. I have to admit, if it wasn’t for modern technology, I wouldn’t be able to conveniently startup my freelance business with a virtually nominal investment, as well as manage my funds and investments in the same convenient manner. Capital One is definitely the best bet for movers and shakers, like myself.
I live virtually from my IPhone and wouldn’t’ you know it, Capital One even has a handy app that I can download and use to conduct banking right from the convenience of my cell. Depositing checks is a snap and I can even check my balance and transfer funds from one account to another. All my banking needs are done from home or on the go with my laptop or my phone. Sweeet!
Well, it’s off to the supermarket to get some groceries into my empty refrigerator. Unfortunately, there are still some things that can’t be done virtually. Now, if I clean up this junky place of mine, I’d probably be able to find my cell phone! (Sigh), dear, me…

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