The Carpenter's Revelation


​It’s been months since Dean escaped Damian’s clutches only to discover, on his return, that he had lost a friend in the process. Months of not knowing how to help, or what to do with himself in the wake of a night that’s haunted him ever since, have left him confused and unsure as to his usefulness to the pack.

However, when a mysterious dream comes to him, he finds a new purpose and direction. Organizing a search party for Talon, and the other stolen shamans, will turn out to be only the beginning of his new adventure. The destination never proves to be as important as the journey, and with Apollo, Dante, Mikael, and Katarina at his side, Dean soon learns the truth of that as they head into the heart of a mountain.

In the depths of the mountain, Dean will face his own personal demons and the secrets buried deep within the soil of the earth. What begins as a rescue mission in the heart of enemy territory quickly becomes a test of his wits and valor. What he finds will alter everything he thought he knew, and bring him face to face with new mysteries and terrors.

The Carpenter's Revelation will be out this Friday the 17th! So mark your calendar <3

P.S: The Carpenter's Dilemma is now available on Audible  
Many of you asked for it and I delivered! The narrator performance is incredible. If this is your first audiobook, I made it so you can grab it for FREE and if you bought the digital copy you should be able to get a discount as well

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