The reasons why I don’t love you..

Reasons to love you

There was once a man who tried proposing to a girl.. this is no fairy tale but a story you could tell…
THE MAN: Reached inside his pockets to find the most beautiful ring, made of white gold, rinse with diamonds, shining like a star. When he showed it to his girl, she smiled and asked him.
Why should I marry you?
The wimpy man, breathing heavily, started thinking.. and finally said.

I love you because you’re beautiful.
I love your face.
I love you because you give my life a sense of purpose.
I love you because without you: the sun doesn’t shine.
I love you because you’re my star.
I love you because you’re day and night.The girl staring bluntly at him said. NO.With his tail between his legs, this man walked away feeling lost and heartbroken. Years later, here he was at it again..
This time. The man. Took out a simple yet fancy ring.
And proposed to another girl.
This girl too asked him, why should I marry you?

This time, his response was a bit different. Without hesitation, he said.
I love you, for no reason at all.

The girl, was shocked to hear that, she quickly got mad and said to him, why would you want to marry me if you don’t have any reasons to love me, you fucking fool!?

The man said. I think it’s better if I love you for no reason at all. Because if I had a reason to love you, those reasons with time will fade. You won’t be beautiful forever so I might stop loving you. As bright as your smile is, over time the shiniest of the stars eventually die. So I love you for no reason at all. I just love you.

Who do you love for no reason 😉 Share this with them.

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