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The Carpenter's Destiny

Dean and Mikael’s love has the makings of a storybook romance. If only their deepening devotion weren’t peppered with druids, werewolves and impending war.

This peaceful and steady rural life Dean had only dreamed of is disrupted by the usual suspects in any serious romance, only intensified by their mystical and inherently dangerous nature. Despite the weightiness of their in-laws and their issues, Dean and Mikael’s relationship climbs to new heights and in this committed intimacy a passion beyond what can be imagined emerges. Meanwhile, evil forces gather further, threatening the already tenuous hold Mikael and Dean have on their domestic bliss. The couple clings to a sense of normalcy only found in one another as they await the ensuing tides of war that creep closer with every passing moment.

But there’s exploration and magic outside of his deepening fidelity to Mikael, too. Dean’s newfound lineage connects him more deeply to the pack and to the natural realms. As he explores the reaches of his latent abilities with a mysterious shaman, he finds his value to the pack is more than simply as an accessory to its pack heir. And that his best interest might not naturally align with theirs. Fortifying his defenses includes shielding his lover and partner, as well as himself, as they seek a conclusion in which their love emerges whole.

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