Giving credit where is due

I would love to take all the credit and say I do it all by myself, but we have to give credit where it's due. A lot of people will say they are self-made which is for me the biggest lie on the planet. We can't build something solid for the long-term without others. I'm in debt for life towards a lot of people because without them; I wouldn't be where I am today, even if I'm far from where I want to end up.

I'm in debt for life towards my parents because even if we had nothing, they taught me how to believe in myself. I'm also in debt for life for some of my exes because they taught me how to love myself by learning to give more than what I take. I'm in debt for life towards a lot of mentors of mine who taught and still teach me. I'm in debt for life towards my little but tight circle of friends who inspire me to do better because they're all better than me.
Also, if you have a partner, don't take them for granted; romance them every day as if it's your first date and go buy her/him flowers ASAP to thank em because you wouldn't be half of what you are today if it weren't for their support. They may not always understand us because we dream big, and we want to make big moves but they're there by our sides, and they love us more than we think so make sure to cherish them the way they deserve. Sometimes they will look at us as if we're not human but make sure to treat them right. They deserve grown up love, and mature attention.
Simply don't take all your success for yourself. You are nothing without others. Be kind to your team and don't be an egotist. Share your success with them and give credits where it's dues.

And last but not least, I would like to thank YOU, for reading my stories. Every day I wake up excited to share my gift with the world because of like-minded individuals like yourself who are always spreading love and happiness. Thank you.

Who are you indebted to? Write it in the comment section; I love to read these as they inspire me, and they can inspire others. 

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