GoPRO for my Upcoming trip to Cancun! – First Video

This upcoming trip to Cancun is going to be an absolute gem and I can’t wait to start packing!  I’m still in the planning stages and I need a good camera to capture all the special moments.  Good idea for me to start considering my “memory-catcher” for the whole event.  I didn’t want to use a Polaroid for the water shots and I certainly wasn’t going to use my iPhone either.  So, I shopped around for something else and ended up googling a new kind of camera called GoPro 4.  It’s a lightweight, cube-shaped camera that fits right in the palm of your hand and is so versatile, it’ll make your head spin!

The small cube has an on/off switch that is activated with one touch.  I figured to myself, this thing is so small, what if I lose it?  Well, it comes with many cool ways to mount the small camera from a standard easel to an actual miner’s hat for those dark crevices or just a person needing a hat to carry it. There’s even a biker helmet mount to capture those rough and rugged moments in the mountains or a bike trail. I saw a great surf board mount, as well.

The prices may be a little higher than average, but it’s a great investment for quality pictures and film. Plus, you get the mount, SD cards and fully-rechargeable batteries, too.  If I purchase the Hero4 or Hero Session packages, I can get the SD card free with a tote bag. So, I guess now it’s just a matter of matching my purchase with my vacation activities….

Yep.  You guessed it!  I can tailor my GoPro 4 to go along with whatever activity I am embarking upon in order to get the best use of my camera. When I visited the website at, they had a special area where people can select their camera according to their vacation activities.  Each package is put together and sold at great prices that fit well within my budget. I just needed to decide which package to choose from. Well, since Cancun is a place of wonderful contrasts with so much to experience, I had a tough time choosing between underwater or dry land…I know, I know, those are huge contrasts compared to the many different activities listed but needless to say, I planned on spending a great deal of my trip in both of those areas.

Among the great many package varieties that GoPro 4 has they also provide special packages for the professional photographer, as well.  These packages come with GoPro Kolor software and mounts, plus post production solutions and live broadcast capabilities, just to name a few.  I was tempted, but I remembered I planned to spend my vacation having fun, not being a pro photographer. I chose the Starter package, since this is my first go-around.  It’s totally waterproof and works with different mounts…perfect, if I choose to purchase a mount separately, since they are sold separately at affordable prices.

This is going to be a great getaway and I’ll have my new GoPro 4 to capture all the special memories in store, too.


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