Angel’s do exist – Jo Optimism List



Call me crazy if you'd like, but I think angels do exist. So I was sitting down the other day… Just sitting….thinking…reflecting….pondering…maybe meditating. I do this a lot.
There have been people in my life who I would have taken a bullet for.. jump in front of a train for them, she literally. Little did I know, love is not always a two-way street. What I'm about to say is very new age thinking… But.. I think angels come into our lives as people. Some of those who hurt us the most, teach us the most. If you have been betrayed in your life, I know how much it hurts, I know how it feels to feel…Because nothing hurts more than our feelings. I want you to know that everything will be okay, I believe time heals all wounds. Trust me; it will be okay. Learn to forgive others but not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve to forgive yourself, you deserve to be in peace, never try to get revenge.. because revenge is like drinking poison. It does more damage to you than it does to them.

I have been blessed in my life with many angels because every time an angel blesses me in any way, I know the class is in session, of course, not all angels will break our hearts. There will be ‘people' that will come into your life, and you will start wondering, WHY? Why do you love this mess? What do you see in me? Why do you care?? … We are so conditioned to being taken for granted and hurt, that when someone shows us the affection we been missing we push it away… I'm forever thankful I have been blessed with such a strong women, that is my friend Jo Bird, I appreciate her dearly she is always pushing me to become a better author and a better person. If you take a look at my website, the entire website is a product of her imagination, words aren't enough to thank her for everything she's done. I really love her outlook on; she has been so kind to put together at a list of her outlook on life, I feel like this will help many of you. I try to live by these principles on a daily. Thank you, Jo. Don't know where I would be with you. And no, Jo Bird is not my lover, she is a great friend whom I appreciate wholeheartedly.

Optimists tips….in no particular order.

  • Don't take life or yourself too seriously. You'll miss out on so much.
  • It's ok to be sad temporarily but not down on life. Time box it.
  • Respect everyone and everything mainly yourself.
  • Give yourself permission to love – yourself, others and life.
  • Do at least one good deed a day – buy the person behind you a coffee, talk to a stranger, plant bulbs on the roadside…..
  • Smile and laugh as much as possible particularly if you don't feel like it. Find something to smile at.
  • See the good in everyone – it's there honestly.
  • If someone is rude or nasty, be polite and courteous back.
  • Greet each day with thanks that you are here.
  • Remove your ego from your life.
  • It's ok to fuck up so long as you learn from it.
  • Recognize you can't always get it right and when you can't let it go.
  • Do not dwell on the past; you can't change it, move on.


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