2015 taught me…

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As I signed the last page, I began to cry. I don't consider myself to be an overly emotional man, but the truth be told… looking back at all the hardships I've overcome make me believe there's a God in the world, call it God, call it Buddha, call it whatever you want to call it, but this universe. Works in mysterious ways.  You understand that shit?

2015 has taught me so much; I’ll start by sharing a little story. There was a caterpillar that was going through so much stress that he couldn’t take the pain anymore; this caterpillar was going through the process of becoming a butterfly, the difference between us humans and a caterpillar is that the caterpillar understands that stress is sometimes necessary in order to evolve, but us humans we see stress, as something we must avoid instead of completely experiencing it, for what it is. Remember that it is the pressure that makes a diamond. (Stay cool under pressure)

2nd Lesson: Everything passes and everything is okay as it is. (Learn to live in the present moment, there’s no such thing as future nor past, all there is. Right Now)

3rd Lesson: Think small, stay small. In life you got to be visionary, everything around you, SHIT even the phone or laptop through which you’re reading this message somebody must’ve had a HUGE DREAM to make this technology happen, what is my point? THINK BIG. Have big aspirations and dreams. Be like a child.

4th Lesson: Don’t take anything personal. This is sometimes hard to do because we are emotional beings but if we knew how little people think, we wouldn’t take anything personal, I think it all comes down to understanding human behavior. If someone cuts you off at the intersection, don’t take it personally. That person probably didn’t see you, in fact, you should feel bad that person is in such a rush, imagine what it feels like when you’re in a rush like that. Same with that someone who broke your heart, why take it personally? That person didn’t break your heart; you chose to break your own heart by the way in which you look at the relationship. Instead, you should be glad it happened, or thankful that destiny saved you from that person.

5th Lesson: In life there are far more important things than money, but they cost a lot…

5th lesson update: Realization that money doesn't truly make you happy, when you don't have it. You think it will but it really doesn't. Reached a milestone I so longed for, ironically that didn't make me happy, I was far happier when I was working towards that goal. Quickly got rid of that money by giving it away. The universe works in misterious ways the more you give the more you receive.


Truth be told… there are many valuable lessons I learned during the time I wrote my journal,  Some lessons I keep in my heart; can't find the right words nor the space to share them all, but if I had to narrow my biggest lesson in life thus far, that would be. Listen to your heart, because when you listen to your heart, it will always guide you to the right path.


Share below, what 2015 taught you, SHIT! What has life taught you!?

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