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wolf shifters






Diving into a passionate charade with a charismatic spy protects his cover and saves his life, but will it cost this Navy SEAL his heart?

When the call of the wild overpowers the call of duty, Dylan finds himself deep in the dangerous embrace of the internationally notorious Shadow Pack. They’d kill him on the spot if his military identity was exposed. Only by masquerading as the mate of a commanding and charming stranger named Blake keeps his true mission under wraps. But Blake has his own agenda and his own secrets.

Among the mysterious mists of the Scottish Highlands on the compound that houses the Shadow Pack, Dylan places his life in the hands of the alluring spy. It’s almost too easy to sink into his undercover role of Blake’s doting boyfriend, even if it’s an unfamiliar part to play for this lone wolf.

Despite the risk to his deep cover, Blake can’t believe his luck when he’s forced to concoct a good story for Dylan’s appearance at the compound. He’s worked as a spy long enough to know that second chances don’t come along every day. While maintaining their pretense is hardly a chore, Blake can’t help but wonder if Dylan is falling, too, or if it’s all part of the game.

Despite their differences, the two men must work together to fight both the lethal web of the underground organization as well as their combustible attraction to one another.

This paranormal gay romance novel explores the power of suppressed passion and the endurance of desire. In Sailing Deep, Dylan and Blake must decide if their relationship of convenience is a product of their mission or a taste of the all consuming passion in their future.


Dark romance