My Muse, Kindle Unlimited

I am an avid writer which means I enjoy reading even that much more.   I invested in a Kindle device a few years back and it was fine, but when I found out about the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program through Amazon, I nearly jumped for joy.  I can enjoy Kindle benefits for one low monthly fee and listen and read on any device, including my laptop and my iPhone, as well as my trusty Kindle device.

I used to pay that annual fee and be able to read one good book a month for free with the Kindle Owners Lending Library, but I read a lot and I would end up having to pay extra to read as often as I wanted…and only with my Kindle device. I’m a flexible person and I require lots of convenience of services.  With Kindle Unlimited I can read as much as I want and I have thousands of titles to choose from.  There’s no limit to Kindle Unlimited because whatever I can download the KU app on I can use to read or listen to my books.  Amazing!

Now, I’ve looked into subscribing to those other eBook services, like Oyster and Scrib’d, for better value, but I just don’t see it with those services.  Oyster is similar to KU in price, but they app isn’t available on many electrical devices.  I can get the KU app on a Blackberry device or a Windows phone, to boot.  With Scrib’d, the monthly rate lower than KU and I can read comics and PDF’s, along with eBooks.  But, like Oyster, the app is not widely accepted on most electronic devices. Again, I require lots of convenience of services and KU is the best program to fit my reading needs.

Occasionally, KU will run great deals on books.  For the month of July, I’m going to check out books that are on sale for up to 80% off.  I also like to hit up the KU Best Seller section to see what the best reads are.  Right now, I’m finishing a good suspense novel by Robert Ludlum called The Bourne Enigma.  It’s part of the Jason Bourne series, which I just CANNOT get enough of.  I also love cop shows and books on the FBI, so my next book will deal with the workings of FBI tactics from the pros.  I think I’ll start my reading with the Cotton FBI Collection and move into harder, more non-fictional stuff later.  Who knows, this may blossom into that novel I’ve been planning to write, only this novel will be purely non-fiction, but all the more cloak and dagger and filled with suspense…

Real life, oftimes, can be stranger than fiction…

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