Why you will never be happy

I like to think of myself as being more than an author… I'm more like a counselor. Daily I Receive hundreds of emails from desperate readers crying out for help, I'm always eager to help, one common pattern I have found between those emails is happiness. How can they be happier? I'm by no means a happy, wiggly type of guy, and I'm not happy all the time in fact I been depressed my entire life, I don't know what the key to happiness is but I do know the key to being miserable.  Attachment, ladies, and gentlemen that is the key to living a miserable life.


Most of our suffering comes from attachment. We get attached to people and objects; we need to rewire our brain and learn to LET GO. Our whole lives we are always “seeking” trying to Upper up on people, trying to “level up in life”, a better job, bigger house, better car and SHIT we keep chasing that damn rabbit, and you know what? Even when you do get that bigger house. You still won't be happy. Happiness is not the destination but the journey. Everything which you possess will eventually vanish; I mean really think about it. Even your beloved could ultimately leave you, that just how life works. Can you accept that rationally? People and material goods will eventually vanish, right? But does it ever cross your mind that not only are we attached to people and goods but to our own suffering as well? Attached to our pain! Looking back in my life a lot of the shit I have gone through wasn't even that bad, but my EGO would make it into something worse so I could look like a bigger victim.

Why does one suffer from old age? Because you're not letting go of your youth, once one learns to let go, we experience what many Buddhist call “The Present Moment” you experience life for what it is, if you're going through a difficult time, yes it can be painful but you don't have to suffer. You understand that shit? Accept the pain for what it is, PAIN, however, don't attach your identity to it, because if you attach yourself to the pain, then that pain becomes prolonged therefore it leads to suffering .

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