Hey guys this a comprehensive list of the resources that I have read and used over the years. I have accumulated some really valuable stuff. Some are FREE and some are not. The thing is –Every single one of these resources has made my life easier.

I am very selected with the products I use and usually do exhaustive research before I use or purchase anything. I believe that since we have so many choices it is utterly important that we only use quality resources to improve our lives. This page includes some affiliate links. If you purchase something I receive an affiliate commission (at no additional cost to you) I only recommend products that I personally use or have greatly benefited from.



dropbox-logo_34k8 Absolutely love DROPBOX, it's a virtual cloud that basically saves your files both in your computer and on a private web cloud so no matter what happens your files will always be safe. Completely free.



For my banking / savings needs I use Capital One 360 it's completely free, perfect for poor writers like myself. No international feesm, no monthly fees, no bullshit fees, overall I simply love this bank. Check them out.

I use WordPress as a platform for my blog. FREE and the best out there.


Leadpages I use leadpages to gain subscribers.

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