Does time really heal all wounds?

The day that I thought I'll never get through.. I got over you. Ha.
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So today like any other day. Writing this at  2 am, not much to say here. The past is the past, but looking back it's funny how things change. It has been said ‘time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. It does heal all wounds, but it fails to acute the pain. That pain that can be triggered by pictures, song, places, people… ahh… those perky memories that won't go away… Because what is time? Time is nothing more than a contemplation of memories? An illusion? perhaps we get accustomed to that fresh wound or who knows maybe our pain subside. I'll never know, one thing I know for sure is, everything goes, and everything comes, therefore, some birds just need to fly.

What do you think? Does time really heal all wounds??

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