Tears of an authorpreneur

I hope this message finds you well, whether you're an upcoming author or not, read on. I think if people knew what it takes, they wouldn't even try. I mean, oh man. This authorpreneur journey is hard, difficult, challenging and .. oh calm down, please. I'm nowhere near where I want to be, every month I struggle to pay my bills, however,  I'm not where I used to be, I'm much better now, it often takes very painful experiences for us to learn our lessons and trust me I have learned. Oh yes I have! So many painful experiences, I can't dare to count. I write this message with a tear rolling down my eyes, sort of like when you roll a rug, yes. Sorta like that. Eyes full of water sorta like a pipe waiting to burst. I'm happy yet I'm sad, truth is: being an author is not easy, matter fact doing anything out of the ordinary ain't easy, it hurts when those who are ‘supposed' to support you don't. I've had people say to my face that I'll never accomplish too much, these dreams of writing books, to serve an audience who will love my writing, oh take it easy… Those are other people's dreams, not you Noah. You're not good enough.

I sincerely hope you, my dear reader; I hope this message finds you well, I want you to know this.


YES! Is supposed to be hard. People are not supposed to believe in you, people are supposed to laugh at you, you're supposed to fail… You might be asking yourself…Why? Why!!? And the answer is… Because you learn from that shit.. You learn that you need to believe in your own self because people don't even believe in themselves, much less you. Yes they're supposed to laugh at your dreams, so hopefully one day you can laugh at theirs. Yes, you're supposed to fail, so you can fucking get back up and strive. Because you know what? Winning feels fucking great; it feels good to look at people in the face and say, you know what mother fucker, thank you for giving me the fuel to keep on pushing.

I kept on going; you know why? So I could prove you wrong. MOTHERFUCKER – FUCK YOU. This is what I want to say to many people… I'm still a tiny fish in a very big pond…Got a long journey ahead… But I have learned to.. believe in myself; I believe I can touch people lives through my writing not just stimulate their mind with my sexy stories but more than that. I want to be someone inspiring show others what a low-class boy from New York is capable of, if you saw where I come from, you wouldn't believe is possible for someone from such a low level to be writing this. And to you dear reader, I wish you more failure so that you can succeed. Because as the great Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” 


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