Noah is an Amazing writer, motivator, and friend. His writing style sucks me into the story and I get to briefly live as one of his amazing characters. I am always super excited when he releases a new book.

Love your work!

Noah you know where I stand. I love your work and can’t wait for new books to come out from you.


Actually,I don’t think I could say anything bad about you. It’s amazing to me how writers can think up these amazing stories and put it all down and make it work. I wish I had your talent. Keep up the good work.

Above the rest

A good author involves his fans and that is what you do. I was girl fanning and you proved to be so real. There was no separation of the classes and you were very down to earth. Your books fill us with entertainment and shows Read More …

Flair For Twist

Noah Harris. You’re an amazing artist with a flair for twists and turns. Your able to weave your stories and hold the attention of anyone. However. You also kill off your dream early. Ending characters stories and cutting them tragically short. Speeding through years at Read More …

Sailing Deep

I loved Sailing Deep. I loved the storyline and how Noah Harris developed his characters. I loved that this is not a typical alpha/omega story. I loved that Dylan is a Navy SEAL and not your typical submissive omega and that Blake is a geeky Read More …

HvZ: Bundle

A really great read and a well written story by Noah. These books are different from his other books and I loved all four books. The characters are well developed throughout the series. I love how they play zombies and use nerf guns – a Read More …

HvZ: Bundle

This is the complete collection of Humans vs. Zombies. I loved this series. I loved this story line and the characters. I think Noah Harris had done a great job fleshing out the story line and developing his characters. I recommend this series.


Part 3 is great, but what else would I expect. I really love that there was some good sexy scenes in this one. I love that I stay curious as to what is gonna happen. It’s like you see the plot but you don’t. I Read More …


Once again Noah has beat my expectations. This book is awesome. In this third installment of the HvZ series the main characters are back but we get a new one thrown in to the mix. The passion and character intensity that Mr. Harris is known Read More …