Sexy Interview

A Very Sexy Interview Full of Surprises 

Six o’clock; the alarm bell went off, punctual as a swiss watch and as painful as a stone falling on my head. Ok, I’d had a bit too much to drink the night before. At least that’s what I seemed to remember… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those who like to drink on a weekday, on the contrary… It’s just that it had been one of those days at work… You know what I mean… Nothing seemed to go right; I bet you know what it’s like: you wake up and find that the shirt you had washed and ironed for work had yellowed in the sun, so, you pick up another one, a blue shirt, give it a quick ironing while you’re having breakfast, just to discover that you’ve left the iron on it and it now looks like a close up of the sinking spot of the Titanic on Google maps… You miss the train, of course, and after arriving to work half an hour late, you find that the computer is on strike… You know by then that it’s going to be what I like to call a ‘damage limitation day’!
Anyway, that day I’d been called in to the boss’s office a few times; each time he had something to moan about: it really looked to me like he was picking on me; I knew he was, and I knew what he meant by it. It wasn’t just a matter of giving me a wake up call and getting me to work harder… My job was at risk.
On top of that, our company had been hit by the recession and, as I was the youngest member of the team, I was really scared that I would be the first to be laid off.
My boss had been a real pain since the beginning; he never liked me. I knew that. He had always treated me like an idiot. Always so full of himself, always tanned, always well groomed, my boss was the type of man who would spend an hour at the gym every night after work. I actually never understood what he was doing, young, good looking, perfectly toned, working in a sad office in a provincial town. He could have been a model: six foot five inches tall, huge blue eyes, blond hair and big lips… In summer, when he used to roll up his sleeves, I never understood if he did it because it was hot, or because he wanted us to see how hot he was: his arms were long, strong and muscular; you could see his biceps bulging like a boxer’s; I’m sure no one had failed to notice his pecs: his shirt sometimes got stuck to his chest in summer, and you couldn’t miss them; I often wondered what he looked like under those white shirts of his… More than wondered, when he wore light white shirts, I could not resist the temptation of checking out his chest: it looked so broad, with muscles clearly sculpted like a wrestler; you could see he had a smooth chest as sometimes, when he had taken off his tie and had undone his top buttons, I found myself looking at his glistening skin… I never saw a single hair… Maybe he shaved?
Anyway, he had never liked me and he had told me that I could not afford to make another mistake… That’s why I was so nervous that day.
However, I thought I’d been lucky that day as when I arrived at the office, still a few minutes late, I peaked through the open door of his office guiltily and I could not see him… Phew! So I sat at my desk and started checking my work emails. I expected to see him coming in at any time, but, instead, I was taken by surprise when I heard his voice coming from the office:
‘Joe,’ he called out to me, ‘make sure you come in to see me at ten thirty!’
He sounded quite annoyed, even angry… Actually, he was pissed off… The looks of my colleagues sitting at their desks said it all. I braced myself up; all I could do was hope that I would get away with a slap on my wrist. Still, more than an hour to go… I waited and waited, checking the clock on the wall, spitefully hanging in front of my desk as if to remind me that my hours with the company were counted… I looked up every five minutes; in a way, I just wanted to get done with it…
Ten thirty came; I stood up, pretending everything was ok, while in reality, I was shaking like a leaf… I stepped slowly towards to boss’s office; his door was closed, so I knocked. No answer. I thought maybe he had been called away to a meeting? But I knocked again; this time his voice came from from behind the door:
‘Come in, Joe!’ he said with his very firm, authoritative tone; I knew then I was in deep trouble.
I opened the door, slowly, and looked inside: he was sitting on his big leather swivel chair, the new one he had just had delivered, which made him look even more authoritative, even more bossy… He had his feet on the desk, a habit he must have caught when he was working in the States; I had often seen him do that; it is very rude in Britain, but, in a strange sort of way, it suited him; it made him look even more confident, more self-assured and more in charge.
I paced slowly towards his desk, trying to avoid meeting his eyes.
‘Sit down, Joe,’ he said with a firm but polite tone; I was surprised to detect some kindness in his voice… I’d expected him to be furious, but maybe, this was the calm before the storm…
I sat down in front of him; I felt so small, looking at his long legs on the big mahogany table; his chair was so much higher than mine…
‘Another cockup, Joe,’ he started, but then he paused.
‘Sorry Jack, it wasn’t really my fault…’ I muttered back.
‘I’m sorry, Joe, you’d been warned,’ he replied, cutting me off.
‘But…’ I tried to say.
‘But nothing,’ he stopped me half way through my sentence, ‘we can’t keep you on in your present job.’
I didn’t know what to answer: in a way, I’d expected it, yet, you always think it’s never really going to happen to you. So, that was it, I thought, and I could already see my colleagues’ faces staring at me in silence, with pity in their eyes, as I cleared my desk.
‘Still,’ Jack started after a pause the felt like hours, ‘we are re-structuring the company, very soon indeed, and there may be another job for you.’
Another job? Wow! So, he didn’t hate me after all! That was at least some hope. I didn’t even think about asking what kind of job it was, anything would do…
‘Thanks, Jack, I really appreciate it,’ I stuttered, not knowing what else to say.
‘Hold on, don’t jump the gun; it’s not yours yet,’ he was quick to reply.
‘Of course, Jack, whenever…’ I didn’t know where I was going with it, so I stopped myself.
‘It requires a bit of overtime, meaning, you would need to stay here with me when I work late at night after the office closes,’ he explained, with a very professional tone, ‘and those hours would not be paid.’
‘No problem, anything really,’ I must have sounded desperate.
‘Plus, you would have to come to board meetings with me,’ Jack’s voice had become casual, almost bored.
‘I’ve never been to a board meeting, that would be an honour,’ I said with a smile.
‘Don’t take it as a promotion; actually, it’s a more like a demotion, and your salary will reflect it,’ he cut me short.
‘Ok, that’s fine with me,’ I replied, as if I had a choice!
‘And you’ll need to go through an interview for it,’ he said, again, with a very professional attitude.
‘Any time,’ I said.
‘Why not now?’ his words were quick, as if he had jumped on an opportunity.
‘Good, I’m ready,’ I lied, as I was not ready at all.
‘Excellent, Jack, so, stand up,’ he said with a very mischievous, yet authoritative tone.
I stood up, and waited for further instructions. Jack indicated me to walk to the side of his desk with his index finger, in a fairly arrogant manner. I walked round the big mahogany desk and stood by his side.
‘On your knees,’ his words came as a total surprise to me.
For a moment, I didn’t know what to do; I could not understand if he was joking, or if I had misheard him, so, I just stood there like an idiot, with a puzzled smile on my face.
‘You heard me. On your knees!’ he stressed the word ‘knees’ making it long and loud.
What kind of job could that be? Maybe I had to check something in his drawer? Still that didn’t make much sense to me… I stood for another second, staring at him, and saw his big, blue eyes point down towards the floor. I did as I was told; I went down on my knees beside him. His eyes were still looking into mine; I felt a bit embarrassed about it; we had always avoided eye contact… Every time he had looked at me, I had always felt he had some reason to tell me off, so, we had kept our relationship as cold and ‘professional’ as possible (well, I always tried to avoid him, and get away with doing as little as possible, if that counts as professional). I kept staring into his huge, intense blue eyes, which now had a strange glint in them, just by the side of the irises, as if meaning something that I could not understand. His gaze held me prisoner; I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t; it was as if he had cast a spell on me, and I could not break free. His eyes, slowly, moved away from mine, showing me where to look: he pointed down under his chin; I followed his stare down his tie; he was wearing a black silk tie with a toe clasp; I went down the long, dark tie, as if walking down a path between his pecs, leading me lower down his body, sensuously following the curves of his manly chest, then sliding over his perfectly sculpted abs, then, I met his belt; I stopped, maybe a bit embarrassed by the situation, but he insisted:
‘You see that?’ his voice had changed; it now had a mix of pride and warmth in it.
I looked down, beneath his belt, and saw a huge bulge in his crotch. I stared at it intently, trying to understand if I was making a fool of myself, if he could possibly have such a huge cock, or if he has a massive hard on… Or maybe he was taking the piss out of me, and had stuffed his crotch with a sock or something?
But no… The more I stared at it, the more I could make out the shape of his cock through his trousers; it clearly was stiff, I could see it pressing against one of his legs… It looked massively big, and quite thick too. I could see where his helmet was, just resting against the muscle of his inner thigh… I started imagining what it would look like, beneath his trousers, beneath his underwear…
His hand came down into the field of my view; he unbuckled his belt, slowly and meaningfully, then, his fingers took hold of his trousers’ zip fastener; they held it up, as if to make sure that I could see what he was doing; they gave it a little tug, then, slowly, he unzipped his trousers…
He was wearing white, thin underwear; I could clearly see his cock through it; I could see his thick shaft bulging against his briefs, filling them with his manly cock; through the thin veil of the smooth, silky material, I could see his the skin and veins of his cock; it was smooth and thick, but I could not see where it started, or where it ended… All I was allowed to admire was a section of his shaft… I tried to look down into his trousers; I tried to see if I could see his balls, but I couldn’t, as they were still hidden from my greedy sight.
‘Can you see that?’ Jack asked, with a mischievous ring in his voice.
‘I can, Jack,’ I replied.
He quickly zipped up his trousers; I was taken aback… Nothing made any sense to me any more.
‘This is not a good start to your interview,’ he said, ‘to start with, you should call me boss from now on,’ the arrogant tome in his voice had returned.
‘Ok, boss,’ I complied, a bit confused, but excited like I had never been before.
‘Ok, Joe, I’ll give you another chance then, and you should be really grateful to me for this,’ he pointed out.
‘Thank you, boss,’ I said gratefully.
‘Ok, now, show me how you unzip it,’ he said, and he took his feet off the desk, put them on the floor under his desk, keeping his legs apart.
I crawled under the desk and between his legs, and, I don’t know how I knew that this is what he wanted me to do, I grabbed his zip fastener between my teeth; I slowly pulled it down, revealing his cock in his smooth, silky and warm underwear to my eyes, so close to my eyes, so big, so manly… As I slowly pulled his zip down, I rubbed his cock with my nose, my face buried in his hot crotch.
‘That’s better, you may just have a chance,’ he said.
I grabbed the seams of his trousers in my mouth and pulled them apart; his cock throbbed, and pulled itself free from his trousers, revealing his big, thick and uncut helmet to me; it moved towards my face as if with a will of its own, pushing against his underwear.
‘So, what would you do if your boss’s cock needs a bit of attention,’ he asked, as if it were a regular interview.
I started kissing his cock; my first kiss touched his bulging underwear as low as possible towards the root of his shaft, trying to squeeze my lips as far as possible into his trousers, almost reaching his balls. I could feel the heat of his balls; I could feel some hair coming through his briefs’ thin cotton… I then started kissing his cock all the way up, pressing my eager lips against his undies and feeling his hard, thick and warm shaft with them, I kissed, and kissed, and slowly, reached the base of his helmet.
I pulled my tongue out, and started licking under the rim of his helmet; I could taste his salty and musky foreskin through the thin cotton of his briefs… I thought I heard him moan. Slowly, I licked all around the base of his helmet, feeling its rim with my tongue, and kissing it regularly and passionately. Then I started licking up, all the way up along his foreskin, which completely covered his helmet, till I reached the very tip of his cock. I kissed it; it throbbed.
I grabbed the seam of his briefs between my lips and sucked on it, while I started sniffing his cock. It tasted sweet and salty, full of my boss’s manly flavour.
I pulled his briefs down, then, started kissing his naked cock; I started again at the base, this time, my lips were touching his bare skin; I could feel its warmth against my pouting lips, and I could feel its stiffness against my face. I kissed and kissed till I reached the tip of his helmet; his helmet had grown even thicker, and had pushed some of his foreskin apart, just enough to reveal the very tiny hole at the top of his helmet, and a bit of the wet skin around it. I kissed it, then, parted his cock’s hole with my lips, and stuck my against it, trying to make it squeeze inside the aperture at the top of his helmet; I could taste his sweat, and I could taste his salty and musky pre-cum.
His cock throbbed; his helmet pushed against my lips, trying to find a way into my mouth. I kissed it again.
I then clasped his foreskin between my lips, and slowly peeled it down his helmet; I licked and sucked the inside of his foreskin, the very skin that had been covering his helmet. I licked it, and felt its sweaty and salty flavour; then I sucked it, and felt its soft and rubbery texture in my mouth; I felt it squeeze into my mouth; I felt it slide between my lips.
‘I think you’ve passed this phase of the interview,’ his voice came from above my head.
‘Thank you, boss,’ I moaned from under the desk.
‘Now, let’s move to the next question,’ he said, still as if he was conducting a normal interview, ‘what would you do if your boss needed a blow job?’
I opened my mouth, and felt his helmet penetrate it, sliding past my lips, past my teeth and onto my tongue; I felt his helmet throb in my greedy mouth; I felt his helmet fill my mouth, find its way inside of me; I felt it explore my mouth, rubbing against the sides of my mouth, then against my palate; his helmet wanted my tongue to stroke it; his helmet wanted my tongue to taste it; his helmet rubbed against my warm, moist and welcoming tongue, sliding deeper and deeper into my mouth along my tongue, feeling my adoring tongue wrap itself around it, embracing it and licking his manly juices.
As my tongue was licking on my boss’s cock, as it penetrated deeper and deeper into my mouth, as I felt it throbbing and pushing insistently within me, I felt his foreskin pull back against my lips, then slide into my mouth, filling it with the manly flavour of my boss’s salty cock.
I grabbed the base of his helmet with my lips and started sucking harder and harder, feeling it swell and pulsate in my mouth, feeling the skin of his helmet being sucked against my tongue and against the walls of my mouth…
His cock pushed in further into my expectant mouth; his shaft started penetrating my mouth, pushing its helmet deeper towards the back of my mouth; I felt it sliding against my palate and then stop at the back of my mouth, as his hard, thick, hot and veiny shaft made its way along my tongue and filled my mouth. His helmet started throbbing against the back of my mouth, rubbing against it and pushing, as if trying to break through the back of my mouth.
‘Another tick,’ he suddenly said from above the desk, ‘I think this is going quite well,’ he added, ‘now, how about if your boss wanted to gag you with his cock, show me, what would you do?’
I didn’t have time to show him; his helmet pushed against the back of my mouth and found its way into my throat, making me gag. As soon as his helmet slid into my throat, I felt it throbbing; I felt it swelling and jolting against the back of my throat. I gasped for air, and felt his helmet being sucked against the walls of my throat, filling it completely. I gagged, and I tried to pull my head away, but his hand came down onto the back of my my head and pushed my face down into his crotch, making his cock slide even deeper into my mouth and his helmet even deeper into my throat. I gagged again, but his hand became heavier and more authoritative, keeping me firmly with my face impaled onto his big, thick, throbbing manly cock,
I heard a knock on the door. I tried to pull back, but my boss’s head pressed my head down, pushing my lips against the base of his cock; I could now touch his ball sack with my lips; I could feel the soft skin of his ball sack rub against my greedy lips, then push against my cheek, and I felt one of his balls, big, hot and smooth, slide past my chin and nestle on the side of my face; my chin was now pressed between my boss’s cock and one of his balls.
‘Come in,’ he said, as if nothing was happening.
I heard the door opening; I heard some steps come closer to the big, mahogany desk. I wondered if whoever had come in could see that I was sucking my boss’s cock under his desk. I felt thrilled, excited… I’d never been so horny in my life: the very thought of being caught giving a blowjob to my beautiful boss under the table during office hours, the very risk, the very idea of being seen in that position turned me on like I had never been before in my life!
The steps came closer to the desk; I felt my boss’s hand pull my hair, forcing me to slide along his cock then push me down again, pressing my nose against his crotch and pushing his cock into my mouth. His hand released his grasp; under the table, I kept sliding down with my mouth onto his manly cock, deep down till my lips reached his ball sack, down deep till his helmet dropped into my throat… Then pulling back, grabbing the skin of his hard, thick, throbbing cock with my lips and massaging his shaft with my mouth, all the way to his helmet, till my lips reached the base of his helmet; I licked around the base of his helmet, feeling his cock throb and swell inside of me, then, went down on his shaft to impale myself again.
‘There’s mail for you,’ said Martha, Jack’s personal assistant, from behind the desk, ‘and a man who wants to see you.’
‘Ok, just put it in the tray, thanks Martha,’ my boss’s voice had become thin, as if he was sighing, ‘I’ll see the man in five minutes,’ he added.
‘Have you seen Joe by any chance?’ Martha asked him, as I kept sliding down on his throbbing cock with my mouth, feeling it as it penetrated me, ‘he sort of… disappeared.’
‘Don’t worry, Martha, he’s doing an interview for a special – how do you say? – position!’ he answered, and pulled my head back by grabbing my hair under his desk so that his helmet almost snapped out of my mouth, and I held on to it by sucking as hard as I could, not wanting his cock to leave my mouth; his cock responded to my desire by swelling even more and throbbing fast and hard… I realised he was on the point of coming, but controlled himself.
‘Ah, ok… I thought we were getting rid of him,’ she said, and I heard her walking towards the door.
‘Not yet, not yet,’ my boss whispered, as he pushed my face back down along his manly cock.
The door slammed closed.
‘Yet another tick,’ my boss said, panting and sighing, ‘but now let’s ask you the toughest question of all… are you ready?’
‘I’m ready, boss,’ I tried to say, with his cock still in my mouth.
‘Good, let’s see what you would if your boss wants an ass to fuck under the table while he speaks to an important client…’
I felt his hand grab my chin and pull my face up; for a second, I could see his big blue eyes looking down at me from above the desk: they had a deep spark in them, this time, warm and bright. He them pushed my face away from his crotch, almost slapping me, pushing me to the back of his desk. I could see his long, strong leg under the desk, leading up to his cock, stiff and erect, throbbing, big and thick… I took off my shoes, pulled down my trousers and pulled down my briefs. I turned round and put my hands against the back of his desk; I stretched my legs, and pushed my ass up. I now had my back must under his desk, and was showing my bare ass to my boss, ready for him to take it whenever he wanted.
I felt his hand stroke my ass; he felt the sides of my cheeks, caressed them stroked them and pinched one of them; I felt shovers running down my spine… Then, he parted my cheeks with his hands, and rubbed his fingers on the inside of my cheeks; I felt them exploring my ass, stroking my crack, rubbing alongside it…
‘That could do,’ he said, sort of cynically.
I felt his fingers touch my hole; they stoked it softly, rubbing all around it; I moaned under the desk.
He pushed his chair towards me; I felt his legs slide on the side of mine; his strong muscles of his thighs and calves rubbed against mine… I felt the heat of his crotch approach my ass; it came closer and closer, and became warmer and warmer, then I felt the head of his thick, hot manly cock push against my cheeks; I moaned as it found its way between my cheeks and forced them apart.
‘Shh,’ he said from above the desk, ‘I’m having a client here soon…’
His cock pushed between my cheeks, it found its way to my hole and pushed against it; I felt it throb against my hole, then, it forced its way in, parting my hole… It felt as if he was ripping into me. I felt a sudden pain, I felt his thick, hard cock push its way inside of me, tearing my hole apart, pressing, sliding deeper and deeper inside of me; it ploughed its way slowly into me, making me feel my hole stretch out to try to accommodate and welcome its massive thickness, making me feel every inch it gained inside of me; every second, I felt his rock hard, thick, manly cock dilate my hole and advance deeper into my hole; every second, I felt my ass hole stretch, I felt it rub against his powerful cock, I felt it burn deeper and deeper; I felt as if my ass hole was exploding…
I felt like giving out a cry, but I bit my lips, and kept silent as he had told me.
His cock kept pushing deeper inside of me, it swelled and grew inside my hole; it penetrated me as deep as I had never been penetrated before… It kept pushing, till I could feel his balls rest against mine: they felt warm and soft; they were big and round…
He called Martha on the intercom:
‘Martha, let the gentleman in please,’ he said, trying to sound officious and professional, though I could hear he was repressing his sighs.
His big leather chair was a massage chair; he switched on the massage function; I felt his cock vibrate inside of me.
The door opened; someone approached my boss’s desk.
‘Long time, let’s see… ah, do you mind if I keep my massage chair on? I have a terrible back ache,’ I heard my boss say.
‘No, not at all,’ a voice replied.
‘Ok, let’s get down to business, so…’ I could not hear their words any more; I was starting to feel as if I was entering a different world. His cock kept vibrating inside my hole; I felt my hole shiver as it clasped around his thick, throbbing, manly shaft; I felt his cock get harder and harder inside of me; I felt it grow longer, making its way even deeper inside my body; I felt it swell, making my ass hole stretch to welcome him; his balls vibrated against mine, as I felt shivers running from my hole up along my spine and into my head, making my lips quiver; making me want to moan; I sighed quietly, trying to control myself, hoping that the sound of the chair would drown my passionate sighs under my boss’s desk.
My cheeks vibrated, impaled on my boss’s thick, hot, throbbing cock, feeling his manly crotch stroke against them. He increased the speed; his cock started pulsating vigorously inside my hole, throbbing faster and faster; swelling as of it was about to explode; I felt a heat grow inside of me; it started from my ass hole, penetrated me deep inside, then spread through my body, making me feel sweaty, hot and incredibly horny.
My cock had by now turned as stiff as I’d never thought possible; it felt as if it wanted to explode, to blow up, to rip apart… I wanted to wank it, but I knew that if I touched it, I would have come immediately.
My boss talked to his client above my head, as if I was not even there, all I could hear were the sounds of their voices… They talked for about twenty minutes, while my boss’s cock was vibrating inside my shivering hole, while it gave itself a massage using my warm, soft and moist ass hole; wile it pleasured itself with the deepest reaches of my body…
Then, I felt the door open and shut.
The chair switched off. My boss’s hands grabbed my waist; he pulled his chair back, keeping me impaled on his thick and long manly cock; he dragged me back, pulling me away from under his desk. He took my arms with his strong hand; he stood up: I felt his cock push even deeper inside of me, and become as hard as a rock, ripping me apart from inside… Then he bent me over the desk; he put his hands on my back, keeping me down on his big mahogany desk, while his cock kept throbbing inside my hole.
‘Last question: what would you say if your boss wants you to have his baby?’
‘Yes boss!’
His cock throbbed inside my hole, then he started pulling it out, till it was totally out; he then slid it inside of me again, ramming my hole open again; then he pulled it out, again, completely, making me feel empty and making me crave for his cock back inside of me; he rammed it back inside of me, and started ploughing me and ramming me, becoming faster and faster, as his cock got thicker and thicker, and deeper and deeper inside of me; I felt his sweat drop onto my back; I heard him moan and sigh; I felt his cock throb, then throb again, then throb so hard that I thought it would blow me up from inside, sending shivers all over my body, from my head down to my toes; he throbbed again and again and then… I felt a warm fluid fill my hole; I felt it flush deep inside of me; I felt it stick to my hole’s inside… I shivered; he moaned…
‘You’re hired,’ my boss said breathlessly.