Treating Sinusitis: The “Green Monsters”

Being a sick kid really governs the way I take care of my body, now, as a young adult.  Because I am a writer, I don’t have medical insurance, so I am charged with the colossal task of simply “treating my body like a temple.”  When I was a kid, I always had issues with sinus infections, which usually blossomed into painful ear infections.  The trips to the doctor seemed endless and my parents constantly kept a humidifier running in the house to make sure my symptoms didn’t get worse…and who can forget that horrible Robitussin my parents seemed to use for just about everything! Today, I keep an arsenal of Tylenol and Neo-Synephrine in my medicine drawer to ward off pain and congestion that can be so debilitating at times that I am forced make that dreadful and expensive trip to the emergency room!

Aside from emergency rooms and over-the-counter meds, I simply conduct a daily regimen of activity that helps keep away, what my Grammy called the “green monsters;” that horrible greenish, yellowish discharge that runs from the nose.  Sometimes, when the sinusitis turns into a bacterial infection, puss will come out along with the discolored mucus.  Today, I don’t have to worry about my sinus infections getting too bad because I just drink plenty of fluids, keep a humidifier in my home, and avoid sickly people whenever I am aware of their presence.

Given, sometimes a person can have a cold or a fever and I can’t tell until they sneeze or cough. Not to worry.  When I begin to have symptoms, like an unusually runny nose and stuffiness, I know the green monsters are trying to get to me.  So, when I’m away on a freelance excursion, I simply take hot, steamy showers, put a hot rag on my face, or run a hot bath or sink water full of hot water…anything to increase the moisture of the air I’m breathing.  I also make sure I keep my Tylenol and my Neo-Synephrine on hand, in case things get hairy.  It also helps to include plenty of fluids, and consume foods and drinks that contain a rich dose of vitamin C.  Dietary supplements and moderate exercise to keep your body and your immune system in tip top shape in order to fight off infections, is great, as well.  Sometimes, I also find that saline nose drops work well, too. In case of post nasal drip, I usually gargle with warm, salty water for relief.

Take it from a kid that was always sick with sinus infections, going to see the dude in the white lab coat is no picnic.  Usually, by that point, the infection is unmanageable and has spread and antibiotics are needed to kill bacteria that is trapped in my swollen, inflamed sinuses.  Sometimes, if things get bad enough, when I see the doctor, I can get a shot to help things…but who wants to hang out at the doctor’s office?  I certainly am too busy to find time for that!  Plus, you have to keep taking the antibiotics even when your symptoms clear up.  Ugh!  I’d rather to simply treat myself like a royal and my body like a temple…

Right now, the Queen needs Starbucks!