Uber to the Rescue!

I must admit, even as a native New Yorker, trying to get from point A to point B in the city can be a bit challenging.  Trying to find housing in a neighborhood that’s parking friendly can also be a challenge.  My first car was a little Volkswagen Jetta for years before I was forced to get rid of it due to parking issues (I now drive another mid-size car).  In my old neighborhood in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I was constantly on the lookout for a parking space. But, when I wanted to move, I found a new co-op apartment in trendy, eclectic Jackson Heights, Queens. The parking was just as bad, but I loved it too much to be worried about my old car. This neighborhood is filled with cute little shops and cafes, and there is a diverse mix of cultures and cuisine to be had in any outdoor café. It’s a bit off the beaten path, but being a writer I need the peace and the laid-back ambiance without forfeiting good taste. Sometimes, I am forced to travel into Manhattan and, yeah, I also have to admit that sometimes the subway can be a real drag. I considered taking cabs, but the fares are too high for my budget.


This cool service is available through an app that I was able to download through App Store.  All I had to do was enter in my info like my name, address, etc. and let my ride know when and where to pick me up.  Now, I understand that many people who live in big cities like New York have to be concerned about safety.  Uber drivers are insured and licensed by their respective governing municipalities; their cars are inspected, and they get paid through the app.  Yeah, and the best part is that your tip isn’t wrenched from your precious grip like in a regular taxi ride.  Once the trip is complete, that’s when the driver gets paid.  Also, the drivers use their own vehicles, so you are guaranteed a smooth ride to your destination and good, honest customer service.

Uber fares are unbeatable and highly competitive with established taxi and limousine services.  The driver gets a commission from every fare they deliver which they split with the company.   Anyone can become an Uber driver; a soccer mom, a college student or a freelancer looking to make dough on the side. That’s why the number of drivers is so plentiful, and they work whenever they need to…even around the clock. So, unlike taxis, you are sure to get timely service when you’re ready.  My first ride arrived in less than 10 minutes.  No taxi comes that quick unless you are standing in the freezing cold with your hand up!  I’m sticking with Uber, hands down.

Too bad the parking in Jackson Heights is so bad…I could use a few extra bucks myself…While I think Uber is great, I'm still keeping a car; I did the math, and I save more having a car.. Now I don't even know what is the point of this blog.. If you don't have a car use uber! Forget about yellow cabs.