My Ultimate Dropbox Testimonial

As a full-time writer, I manage to accumulate a great deal of writing, documents and pictures. Not to mention, just regular photo files of friends, family, and acquaintances. It helps to be able to take my information with me wherever I go without having to fumble for CD storage disks and even USB’s. One time, I heard of a photographer friend of mine who had his images stored in his camera…and the camera got ruined. He lost important stuff for a project he was working on because he never backed up his files. Man, that cannot happen to me. So, I tried Dropbox and boy, is it amazing!

For starters, it costs absolutely nothing to sign up and start storing data. The information stored is considered cloud data, meaning you can access it from anywhere on any device that carries the Dropbox app. I am able to organize important information and keep it safe, especially when I run out of disks and USB storage devices. To be honest, I barely use them. Even if my phone gets lost or destroyed or my laptop catches a virus, my files remain untouched with cloud technology. My data is conveniently backed up whenever I add it to the app. I remember, once, I had forgotten about Dropbox for nearly a year, and when I went to re-download Dropbox again, the old beach trip pictures were still there, waiting for me. Amazing!

Perhaps the coolest feature of Dropbox is my ability to sync devices and alternate from my phone to my laptop. I just invested in a cool, new IPad and I am looking forward to using the app to sync this device, as well. Now, I can send files to my editor, too. Since my publishing has grown, I make sure that my team members all have Dropbox, so that I can share pertinent information with them and they with me. Often, the best way to communicate is through Dropbox. A few letters and documents can turn into a conversation that will lead to THE writing job of life!

So, as a young, clumsy entrepreneur with lots of stories to tell and plenty of people to communicate great ideas to, it helps to know that an app like Dropbox exists. To be honest, I am pretty impressed with it as a business tool because I really had no idea what I had done with those beach memories. Ah, those memories…

Before I forget, you can sign up for Dropbox for free right here