How I Went From Being Sleep Deprived To Sleeping 8+ Hours?

How I Went From Being Sleep Deprived To Sleeping 8+ Hours?

There was a time when it was really difficult for me to sleep during the night because I would stay up all night being bombarded by random thoughts that served no purpose 24/7… Really difficult times for me because just like other creative-thinking people, I was suffering from insomnia. People with creative minds often complain about insomnia because of their overactive mind. We are unable to shut our mind at night. Some writers are unable to sleep because they're constantly working far too many hours in the week. Like I was, but is all GOOD IN THE HOOD NOW!

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Initially, I was worried for my sleeplessness because sleep is a necessity. Lack of sleep can decrease your productivity; disturb your creativity, emotional balance, and physical vitality. In order to improve my physical health and creativity, I decided to treat this situation and there are a few treatments of sleep deprivation from my personal experience:

Unwind Your Mind

A creative mind is a problem because it is tough to put your mind to sleep. You may keep thinking about what's next, topics, previous work, the response of people, etc. You have to stop all the thinking at least one hour before bedtime and divert your mind to other things. Easier said than done. Keep artificial lights dim and avoid the use of tablets, computers, TV and phone. Reading, journaling, stretching and meditation are great ways to calm your mind. If you are unable to sleep, well then fuck it. Lol, erotic reading and break night… Just kidding. Back to being formal.

Create any Pre-sleep Routine

Keep it in mind that a consistent sleepless schedule will disturb your sleep and increase the chances of insomnia. I am used to enjoying a warm bath before bed, and my body readily recognizes that it is time to relax and slow down. Some mental exercises before bed are great to break your concentration on work. Focus on positive events and good memories before going to sleep. These things can be helpful to shut down your mind and enjoy a sound sleep of 8 hours.

Visualize Yourself

Imagine that you are a leaf.. ( I know this is crazy but bare with me LOL) the wind is blowing and you slowly fly away…You are slowly flying and landing on that sleeping nest. Draw your focus away from emotional content and associate positivity with your sleep. This will be helpful to remove anxiety and tension from your mind.

Light can Affect Your Sleep

Light plays an important role in setting your internal clock. When I was working in the night shifts, the light changed my internal clock and influenced my ability to sleep. This situation was tough for me, and it took several days for me to adapt. This is why now I only write in the AM.

Dietary Supplements for Insomnia

Luckily, there are various herbal supplements in the market available for the treatment of insomnia. Chamomile tea and lemon balm are harmless treatments. Focus on your physical health because deficiency of Vitamins D, potassium and magnesium can be the reason of insomnia. Deficiency of vitamin D is linked to the excessive sleepiness in the daytime. Melatonin is a natural hormone in your body that is produced in the night. Melatonin supplement can be effective for the treatment of insomnia. Kaboom, we hit the jackpot: Vitamin D and Magnesium was my main cause of insomnia if you get anything out of this article, is that. If you live anywhere where you don't get enough sun or magnesium the you need to supplement. Pretty simple.

Black Bags on Windows

Black bags stop street lights and that bright ass sun. You have to create a sleeping environment in your bedroom because temperature, noise and light can disturb your sleep. Tape and garbage bags = HEAVEN.

Smoking and Chewing Tobacco

Insomnia has a direct link with smoking and tobacco. I don’t have any personal experience with the use of tobacco, but I recorded the experience of my friends. Smoking and tobacco can activate your mind, and an active mind will not help you sleep.

Professional Treatment for Insomnia

Some prescribed sleeping pills are available for the temporary treatment of insomnia. You should consult a professional and share your insomnia problem. He may diagnose the causes of insomnia and suggest you any permanent solution. ONLY DO THIS AS A LAST RESORT.

Well, this is all I got for you! In the comment section, please share your tips, would love to know!

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