Why I Chose Airbnb

Most people I know understand that I am not the casual travelling type. So, red flags went up when my good friend told me to sign up for this super-cool travel site called Airbnb. He’s what many would consider an adventurous type, so I thought he was clowning, as usual. I went to the site, anyway, and checked it out and there was a lot of great information about different places a person could travel to and stay…sometimes for fees cheaper than a hotel room. I was dazzled by it all, at first, but I really had no use for the site since I’m not a traveler. It seemed like a site for adventurous folks, since you would have to be a brave soul to stay in a strange dwelling not backed by a huge name like Hyatt or Red Roof. I guess I was just old-fashioned.

All my life, I worked in low paying jobs where even if I wanted to travel I wasn’t able to, I mean really, working as a waiter I couldn’t just decide to go on a month vacation and come back to my job, they would quickly find someone to replace me. I want to rest and see what life is like on the homey end of things, for a change. Perhaps, do some writing and some other things that I’ve always wanted to do. For once I have decided to treat myself… I always liked Cancun, so I’ll be paying this place a visit! I don’t want to be like everyone else and go to a resort, I want to be among the locals. So, I decided to give this Airbnb a try, since I have an account already.

Since booking my trip, I couldn’t even begin to express my level of excitement. I, and my good friend, the adventurous one, are going to stay in a Mexican villa. Not only do we get to bypass the whole hotel/resort experience, but we also get to unwind and see the real sights of Mexico. In reality, booking through Airbnb, is great because we get to actually talk to the locals, get to understand the local tastes, the people and the culture. Finally, I get to see Cancun in a whole, new light!

Aside from the fact that we won’t be holed up inside a stuffy, overpriced and pretentious resort, there are numerous amenities that come along with booking through Airbnb. The list seems endless:

  • You can rent any kind of space from a tipi or an igloo to a typical room, a whole house or a huge castle (of which, there are 1,400, by the way!)
  • The prices are affordable, some lower than the cost of a hotel room.
  • Many of the hosts are also guides that can give you the best information on local flare, as well as conduct tours.
  • Airbnb is able to take anyone to destinations all over the world…34,000 cities in 191 countries. (Even the best-rated hotels can’t top that one!)
  • Many of the places that Airbnb takes you to are unique and are not your average hotel and resort fare vacation spots.
  • Trips are simple to book and the site is mobile-friendly.

Now, the skeptic in me bucked at first and said well, what if the spot I book doesn’t match what’s pictured in the site? Well, everything with Airbnb is verified, including ID’s, profiles and reviews. There is also a place on the site for secured payment and a host guarantee. If the host receives a guest who destroys the property, Airbnb can cover up to $1,000,000 in damages. All this and the seemingly endless displays of satisfaction from glowing customer testimonials gave me a sense of relief about the trip and about Airbnb.

The hosts that we will be staying with are fluent in both Spanish and English. They are also well acquainted with the local trendy culture. That would help our trip tremendously. My friend and I will also check out the art, music and club scenes to unwind and find out more about the area. Who knows, I may even want to relocate to Mexico, since I love the place so much! Retirement is an exciting time for me, personally, since I finally get to try out this Airbnb thing, thanks to my best bud. Who knows, I may even, actually, find time get some writing done between the club hopping…


P.S: I'll be in mexico sometime in July 10-20th, check my facebook for cool pics 😉 and don't forget to claim your 25$ for free using my friends link https://www.airbnb.com/c/angelr339?s=8

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